Durbin Creek Animal Hospital Dental Cleaning Special for National Pet Dental Health Month!

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, and Durbin Creek Animal Hospital wants to help you keep your furry family's teeth healthy! To help, we're celebrating by offering a full dental cleaning and treatment for only $299 - a $50 savings! The price is valid for both dogs and cats, and there are no age restrictions or hidden costs. Price includes physical exam, anesthesia and monitoring, IV catheter and fluids, full-mouth evaluation, ultrasonic scaling and polishing. Also includes extractions if necessary and any needed medications for pain relief.

Your pet will wake up with a healthy, comfortable mouth and fresh, clean breath. Whether they need a light cleaning or a lot of dental work, February is the best time to schedule your pet's dental with us at Durbin Creek Animal Hospital and take advantage of our special offer for this important procedure. Dr. Hugh has helped so many families with affordable dental care and we're proud to continue with the second year of our dental special! Please call us at 904-770-7615 with any questions, or to make an appointment or book on Facebook with the blue book now button for Tuesdays or Thursdays and we'll confirm!

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