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Taco Tuesday

This is the story of our good friend Taco! Taco was a stray tomcat who showed up at our client's home not too long ago. Our client noticed that Taco was sweet, but shy and afraid of people. While she couldn't coax him to come inside, he decided to stay in her backyard where she fed and worked with him daily until he would cautiously allow her to pet him. Encouraged, she began to look for potential adopters for him. Suddenly, Taco went missing. He showed up limping a few days later with severely infected wounds to his ears, face, neck and legs. It appeared that he had lost a fight with another animal. He wouldn't eat, and he didn't want to move. Our client contacted us and told us the situation. She knew we had a Rescue Discount, but she was worried that his treatment would cost more than she could afford to spend. We came up with a custom treatment plan to address his medical needs while keeping the costs as reasonable as possible. We tested him for Feline Leukemia and FIV, performed surgery on his wounds, and once he was healing we got him up to date on his vaccines and neutering. Taco stayed with us for a few nights before going back to our client's home to rest and recuperate. We kept in touch frequently as he slowly regained his appetite and strength. We recently received the above photo from Taco, and it made our day! He is a special cat and we are grateful that we could help him for our client. If you are interested in adopting Taco please let us know!

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