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Euthanasia For Animals

Euthanasia is never an easy topic to discuss. The bond that develops between a pet parent and a furry family member makes it difficult to imagine life without them. However, most animal parents will eventually need to determine when it is time for end of life care. Fortunately animal parents need not bear the burden alone. Dr. Hugh and Durbin Creek Animal Hospital are here to help guide the decision making process at this difficult time, and to help ensure your family members, human and animal, are comfortable.

What to do if you are worried about your pet's end of life care

If you have been dealing with an older pet who has been declining in health, or even a younger pet with a long term illness, be sure to call Durbin Creek Animal Hospital to talk through your concerns or to make an appointment for your pet to be evaluated. Dr. Hugh can work through the symptoms your pet is facing and go over options for care. There may be treatments available to heal or keep your pet comfortable. Dr. Hugh can go over various options and how long your pet's life an be sustained and the quality of life you can expect for your pet. He can also estimate costs associated with the care so you can be prepared in terms of budgeting or whether or not you think those costs are right for your family and your pet's level of needs.

Other times, it may not be possible to keep your pet comfortable to an acceptable degree. In this case Dr. Hugh is there to help and listen. Sometimes it is hard to begin discussing euthanasia. Your pet may be your best friend. You've had many memories with them. Some animals may have come home with you during college, been there with you for a marriage, bringing babies into your family. The memories flood through and the thought of euthanasia is too difficult of an idea to fathom at the moment. Dr. Hugh may be able to tell you it is ok to continue treatment. Dr. Hugh is also able to tell you that it is ok to let go; you gave your pet a long and happy life but the quality of life for your pet is no longer what you would want. The decision towards euthanasia may be something you just can't make, so Dr. Hugh can be the one to give you the "permission" and support that you need to be able to say goodbye. The decision is personal and Durbin Creek Animal Hospital can be there with you every step of the process with tailored care for your pet and your personal situation. Please remember, every situation is different and you and your family, with the guidance of your veterinarian, know what is best.

Euthanasia and Cremation Options

If it comes to the point that your pet does need euthanasia, below are the options available at Durbin Creek Animal Hospital.

  1. Euthanasia: Euthanasia is a relaxing injection, followed by a euthanasia drug injection. Families are welcome to come into the office to hold their furry family as long as you'd like and take time to say good bye. You do not need to be seprated from your pet at any point during the process, unless that is what you prefer. Afterwards, families are welcome to take their furry family home for private burial, or explore additional options below.

  2. At Home Euthanasia: This is an option that Dr. Hugh reserves for current patients and may only be scheduled in advance. Dr. Hugh will come to your home after hours and provide a private euthanasia. You are welcome to keep your furry family at home for private burial, or Dr. Hugh can bring your pet along with him, with additional options below.

  3. Euthanasia With Communal Cremation: This option includes euthanasia and a communal cremation with our local pet crematory, Paw Prints. This is the most affordable cremation option and your pet's ashes are not returned to you.

  4. Euthanasia With Private Cremation: This option includes euthanasia and a private communal cremation. In partnership with our local pet crematory, Paw Prints, your pet's individual ashes would be returned in an urn for you to pick up and keep.

  5. Euthanasia With Private Cremation With Extra Mementos: In partnership with Paw Prints, this includes a euthanasia and a private cremation and you can choose from various mementos that would be returned to you to in which to remember your furry family. These include clay paw print impressions, a Paw Prints Embossed Heart Pendant, a Paw Prints Memory Box (urn with clay paw print and photo) and other options.

Dr. Hugh went through the loss of his sweet dog, Gus, and his long time cat, Cedar, recently (both of their Artistic Aire pet portraits are up in our exam rooms). He not only knows what it's like to have to say goodbye to a best friend, he's guided many, many families through this trying process. End of life care can be difficult for everyone, even for the Vet. We want you to have all the information and support you can to make the best decisions for you and your furry family. Please feel free to call for more information for euthanasia for animals in Jacksonville or to schedule an exam. We wish the best for you and your furry family.

Phone: (904) 770-7615

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